Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ready to Overthink?: Neurophilosophy (Yow!)

Neuronal circuits, feedback, and vector space -- the complexities of the evolved mind/brain are difficult to model.

Just because inquiring meta-minds want (?) to know.

From the intro on yee Wiki:

Neurophilosophy or philosophy of neuroscience is the interdisciplinary study of neuroscience and philosophy that explores the relevance of neuroscientific studies to the arguments traditionally categorized as philosophy of mind. The philosophy of neuroscience attempts to clarify neuroscientific methods and results using the conceptual rigor and methods of philosophy of science.

While the issue of brain-mind is still open for debate, from the perspective of neurophilosophy, an understanding of the philosophical applications of neuroscience discoveries is nevertheless relevant.

Even if neuroscience eventually found that there is no casual relationship between brain and mind, the mind would still remain an epiphenomenon of the brain, and as such neuroscience would still be relevant for the philosophy of the mind. At the other end of the spectrum, if neuroscience will eventually demonstrate a perfect overlap between brain and mind phenomena, neuroscience would become indispensable for the study of the mind. Clearly, regardless of the status of the brain-mind debate, the study of neuroscience is relevant for philosophy.

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