Friday, February 1, 2013

Bloom's Taxonomy: Climbing the Ladder of Learning Outcomes

Ronald Gross: "There are six major outcomes of leaarning, according to Professor Benjamin Bloom of the University of Chicago and his associates. Their taxonomy is widely accepted as the most useful way to think about the results of learning. I prefer to turn this list upside down and see it as a ladder of increasingly complex outcomes of your learning."

From yee Wiki:

Bloom's Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives within education proposed in 1956 by a committee of educators chaired by Benjamin Bloom who also edited the first volume of the standard text, Taxonomy of educational objectives: the classification of educational goals (1956). Although named after Bloom, the publication followed a series of conferences from 1949 to 1953, which were designed to improve communication between educators on the design of curricula and examinations.

For much, much more, go to:'s_Taxonomy

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