Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mangus Family Lore: The Mangmobile, 1973

In my senior year at East High my dad bought me a used car. As I recall it was a white Chrysler Newport that he paid $400 for. I don't have any photos of the actual car, but I found some scans on the web of a jade 1961 Crysler Winsor that match how I remember the stylings of what soon came to be dubbed The Mangmobile.

This sixties model had rather tastefully proportioned fins, an Astrodome dash, and also a push-button transmission. The real Mangmobile was white, with a snazzy copper colored interior. After doing some  online surfing it seems that the final models of the Winsor made in Canada were sold as Newports, so maybe I had one of those.
The Mangmobile was a very cool ride, but somewhat dangerous; more than once while I was driving full speed ahead and went to turn on the heater or fan (also activated by push-buttons). I came within a whisker of pushing the "reverse gear" button by mistake. Holy stripped gears.
The Mangmobile was a tank. I drove it off a snowy road into a ditch out in the middle of nowhere (and this was before cell phones, you spoiled youngsters) once. After a moment of despair, and assessing the situation, I fired up the Mangmobile again and powered my way back on to the road, no problem.
All hail the mighty Mangmobile.
Here's the stats for the Winsor above that was lsited for sale:

I am a sleek, sexy, 1961 Chrysler Windsor four-door sedan with a 383 C.I. Golden Lion V-8, P.S., P.B., Pushbutton torqueflight, Astrodome dash, climate control, am radio, lighter, and variable speed wipers. Allan original: No rust, Beautiful Interior (96% flawless), hood and trunk paint have oxidation as seen in pictures. Excellent glass, all chrome and moldings still brilliant.

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