Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don's First Published Cartoon, April 28, 1972

From the Anchorage Daily Times, April 28, 1972

It's not shown in the scan, but underneath the cartoon is this article, complete with a bold headline:

Donald Mangus Is Cartoonist

The cartoons above, showing three "endangered species of Alaska" are the imaginative work of a 16-year old East High student, Donald Mangus.

Young Mangus, points a sharp pen at the curtailment of petroleum jobs and activities since the proposed trans-Alaskan pipeline has been delayed again and again.

He comes by his interest in the oil industry and in art naturally. His father is Marvin D. Mangus, a well-known Alaska petroleum geologist and one of Alaska's most noted artists. The satirical captions were written by Mrs. Mangus, thus making this a family project.

Actually the whole thing was Jane's idea and we were both thrilled when it saw print. My cartooning career was formally launched.

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