Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mid Century Modern Landscaping

Mid-Century Modern design is all the rage now. I love it too. 

The 1972 book published by Readers Digest, "Practical Guide to Home Landscaping," has contributions from noted Landscape Architects -- Douglas Baylis, Thomas Church, Robert Malkin, Theodore Osmundson, and others.

This book is a comprehensive reference of Mid-Century Modern Landscape design and architecture. Exciting inspirational ideas for landscapers, designers, carpenters, architects, and homeowners. Includes hundreds of cool color, and black and white photographs, drawings, plans, and illustrations. Subjects covered include:
Ideas For Your Garden -- limited space, outdoor living, remodel existing landscapes, city gardens

Planning -- design principles, sizes and shapes, drawings
Planting -- trees, schrubs, accent plants, herbs, vegetables, fruit
Construction -- wood, concrete, brick, concrete block, stone, canvas, plastic, earth
Projects -- walkways, paths, steps, fences, walls, gates, screens, sun, shade, outdoor living, privacy, childrens play areas, storage, water, light, decorative art, sculpture
Feature Pages -- classic ideas, privacy, free materials, Japanese landscaping, tools, gravel, mailbox, storage, light for dramatic effect, railroad ties, climate and more

Some of the top-flight Architects and Designers that are featured in this book include: Robert W. Chittock, Lawrence Halprin, Burr Richards, Benjamin Baldwin, and others. 

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