Friday, May 12, 2017

A Return to Harpel House #2

The glory days of an Anchorage summer are here. Fantastic weather -- you can't top it!

On today's walkabout I struck up a conversation on my return leg through College Village -- and was treated to a return tour of Harpel House #2 by the current owners -- Mr. and Mrs. Cuddy. They've done a splendid job of conserving the original John Lautner design. I provided some personal reminiscences and factoids about the Harpel family of the sixties. Now, to make the talk even more memorable, Mr. Cuddy, who divides his time between Austin, Texas and Anchorage (as a housing developer and independent filmmaker), once did a "celebrity" charity painting where he was teamed up with a local artist-coach-instructor. His coach was none other than the Magnificent Marvin. Mr. Cuddy said it was like my dad did the painting through him. However, Marvin kept trying to take the brush in hand, but Mr. Cuddy resisted and told him no -- he had to do the complete work. So finally, Marvin had to hold his hands behind his back. Mrs. Cuddy had to have the painting, and outbid everyone at $1200. How cool. She seemed very pleased that I could appreciate the house, and I told her that it was like living in a museum.

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