Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Turquoise: Myths and Facts

Turquoise jewelry attracts money, success, and love. Its powers include protection, healing, courage, friendship, and good luck. It preserves friendships, makes friends of enemies and is a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection. Turquoise jewelry strengthens the body, aids in tissue regeneration, creates peace of mind, emotional balance, and a general sense of well being

Turquoise was mined by the Aztecs in an area now known as New Mexico, and a significant amount of turquoise comes from Arizona and Nevada. Most is located near copper deposits in desert regions of the world.

Turquoise forms when water percolates through rocks that contain copper and aluminum. A chemical reaction takes place that results in deposits of what we know as turquoise. The blue in turquoise comes out when copper is present, but if the site contains more aluminum, the turquoise will appear green

The Navajo, Apache and Zuni peoples treasure turquoise to this day and make some of the finest sterling silver turquoise jewelry in the world

Turquoise jewelry is worn by the Apaches. Without it, no medicine-man could command the honor, respect and veneration his office demands. 

Turquoise was carried by physicians of the fifteenth century. They claimed that the stone would counter the harmful effects of poison. They prepared a potion containing finely powdered turquoise which, as well as proving to be a powerful antidote to scorpion stings, was also considered effective in banishing the pains arising from possession by demons. 

Looking at turquoise or placing a stone on the eyes was believed to soothe inflamed or strained eyes. 

Turquoise is the official birth stone for the month of December.

Two artists whose jewelry I collect, the wife and husband team of Etta and Randy Endito.

Pieces by the Enditos

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