Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D. W. Co-op 1976

D Magazine April 1976

The D.W. Co-op, 3305 McKinney.

The eight women who started the D.W. Co-op (Linda Surls, Molly Terrill, Carole Scholder, Norma McManaway, Barbara Bell, Linnea Glatt, Julie Heyne and Jeanie Hamel) run the gallery strictly as a cooperative. Each member (and several new members were added this month) pays a share of the expenses, does a share of the work, and has an equal say in the management of the gallery. Linda Surls initiated the idea because the members had been having difficulty finding adequate exposure for their work. In the Co-op, each woman has one solo show a year and also participates in a continuing group show. Knowing that they will be receiving exposure on a regular basis has helped the women focus their work and has increased their confidence. Though most people have difficulty working in a group, these women have been able to manage the gallery smoothly. The members will continue their one-woman shows until July when they will host an invitational show featuring miniature works (no dimension greater than 6") by approximately 100 women artists from all over the country.

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