Monday, July 22, 2013

Hooray for Wally Wood

Wallace Wood

Thanks to his (literally) stellar work on the EC Comics line, Wallace Allan Wood (1927-1981) is widely considered America's greatest science fiction cartoonist, but he was also one of the brightest lights of the early Mad comic ("Superduperman") and, later, a pioneering alternative/underground cartoonist/publisher with his magazine witzend.

"Wood's work seemed like snapshots of a lush and vibrant reality where even madmen, monsters and mayhem possessed a stately grace. There might be pandemonium but, oddly, the panic never seemed to reach the eyes of Wood's regal heroes." - Geoff Boucher, The Los Angeles Times

"Legendary artist [Wally] Wood mastered every comic-book genre -- humor (he was one of Mad's first artists), horror, superheroes, war — but is best known for the 1950s science-fiction stories he drew for EC Comics, in which, one commentator noted, he 'began drawing things into panels that no human being seemed capable of before.' His heroic spacemen, intricate rocket ships, and frightening aliens embodied classic space opera, and his influence remains visible in the work of many leading comics artists today." - Gordon Flagg, Booklist

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