Saturday, July 6, 2013

Argo Bid Yourself: Jack Kirby Lord of Light Art

This piece is in the current Heritage Comic art auction:

Jack Kirby Lord of Light/Argo "Pavilions of Joy" Illustration Original Art (1978). This incredible Jack Kirby illustration, loaded with the kind of style only "King" Kirby could provide, has a very interesting story connected with it. Originally conceived as production pieces for a proposed film, based on a Roger Zelazny Science Fiction novel, the commissioned art was stored away when producer Barry Geller lost his funding. It was later picked up by the CIA for use in a daring covert rescue mission of six Americans held in Iran. A fake film production company was created, with offices set up in Hollywood, and permission to film scenes in Iran was obtained, all as a ruse to spirit the Americans out. The Ben Affleck film, Argo, is based on these true events, and this piece of art played a pivotal role in that astounding and successful mission.
The art is in ink on paper, with an approximate image area of 22.25" x 17". The art is in Excellent condition, and even without the fascinating story behind it, this is classic Jack Kirby as you love him. With the movie winning awards, there's bound to be some serious interest from Hollywood collectors as well as the comics crowd.

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