Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mentors of the Magnificent Marv: Roger M. Rittase

Perhaps Marvin D. Mangus' most important and beloved painting mentor was Roger M. Rittase. He came up to Anchorage, Alaska in the late-sixties or early-seventies for a visit, but the joyous occasion and its highly-anticpated plein aire painting jaunts were marred because Roger was already suffering from profound and heartbreaking dementia. I grew up with Roger's atmospheric landscape paintings in our house and my father often spoke warmly of his friend and mentor. I grabbed these images and stats from the world-wide web.

Roger M. Rittase 

- 1899 (Littlestown, Pennsylvania)
- 1975 (Lebanon, Pennsylvania) United States

* Easel Painting

* Oil Paint

* Landscape


* Society of Washington Artists (DC)
Some Exhibitions
* Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
* Society of Washington Artists, DC
* Corcoran Gallery School of Art, Student
* Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Student
* School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Student
Added Description
* Art Educator: School Teaching, Public Lectures, Workshops

The great Roger M. Rittase, an artistic giant, to the Mangus family.

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