Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Charlie Parker Records The Complete Collection

Speaking of spoiled rotten by HPB, I used a 50% off (one item) coupon last Sunday to buy this boxed set -- $30 for 30 CDs  -- $1 a CD.

From Exhaustive 30 CD collection from the jazz legend's short-lived label. Contains 44 original albums (421 tracks) plus booklet.

Every record-collector has run across an album with the little sax-playing bird in its label-logo, right next to the brand name Charlie Parker Records or CP Parker Records. Turning the sleeve over, especially if it was one of the non-Parker releases, and seeing a '60s release date under the header Stereo-pact was as exciting an experience as it was confusing.

Was the claim Bird Lives meant more literally than previously thought? What do the Rays Nance and Barretto have to do with Charlie Parker? Who is the Satan In High Heels? When did Barney Kessel and Harold Land tame El Tigre? And what is Stereo-pact, after all? Rumors are far and wide, speculation and misinformation abounds, while fans and experts discuss the releases of this short-lived label from the '60s at record fairs and in internet forums. But even though a discography can be found online, never before has anyone made an attempt to present the complete output of this legendary label in one set.

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