Friday, July 7, 2017

Alvino Bagni: Italian Ceramics Designer

Alvino Bagni

Alvino Bagni

Alvino Bagni (1919-2000) is acknowledged with Aldo Londi (Head Designer at Bitossi) and Gambone as one of best Italian ceramic designers whose work was imported by "Raymor."

Bagni was taken under the wing of Londi in the early part of his career. Bagni did work at "Bitossi" for a few years in Florence, Italy before opening his own studio in 1956 in Lastra a Signa, on the outskirts of Florence, called "Bagni Ceramiche." His work is still commonly mis-identified as “Londi” or "Bitossi" by many who see the "Raymor" tag. 

Alvino Bagni created a stunning array of widely different designs for "Raymor," and because of that it can be hard to pinpoint his work since it can vary so greatly. 

Early pieces sometimes have a floral theme, pieces of the early 1950s show the influence of Aldo Londi, but then were very individualistic styles and forms that really represented the best of Bagni’s work -- with stripes, geometric patterns, and bold lava type designs as some of the more common themes. Some of his more Modernist, geometric pieces are sometimes mis-attributed as Ettore Sottsass’ work.

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