Sunday, November 29, 2015

Paul Klee: Catalogue Raisonne - Nine Volume Set

Why simply do when you can totally overdo? 5,000 pages of every art piece Paul Klee did. Merry Excessmas to me....

Paul Klee Catalogue Raisonne: Nine-Volume Set

Paul Klee (1879-1940) is one of the most significant and best-loved artists of the twentieth century. For the nine volumes of this landmark in Paul Klee scholarship, the Berne-based Paul Klee Foundation has researched intensively the artist's 9,600 drawings, prints, watercolors, and oil paintings, allowing the artist's complete works to be assembled and published for the first time. 

Presenting Klee's oeuvre in chronological order, each volume contains an introduction in German and English, an explanation of the catalogue system, a German-English glossary, a bibliography, and indexes. All the entries are illustrated and include catalogue numbers, technical descriptions, measurements, references to related works, details of provenance and location, relevant literature, and a list of exhibitions and auctions in which works have appeared. Klee's own entries from the catalogue he wrote from 1911 onwards are also included, and the most important works of his career are illustrated in color.

For example, Volume III follows Klee from 1919 through 1922, when he taught at the Bauhaus and became particularly involved with Bauhaus theater. Many of his works from this period -- masks, clowns, acrobats, ballet dancers -- reflect the influence of drama, ballet, the circus, and cabaret performances. 

This monumental set of publications is an essential reference work for libraries, art resources, and lovers of Klee's poetic, imaginative, and wholly original work.

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