Saturday, November 28, 2015

Modern Navajo Weavings in the Traditional Styles

Navajo weaver Treva Peshlakai of Kirtland, New Mexico wove her Second Phase Chief’s rug in the size 60” wide x 55” high. All single-ply weft yarn is 100% Navajo Churro Sheep wool. The design replicates a Classic/Late Classic Period, 12-spot Second Phase Chief's Blanket. The hand-dyed colors are the authentic indigo blue, and the aniline black, camel tan and red. The two x two-strand warp selvage cords at each end are a black. Treva weaves rugs with two warps inside the outer warp channel for extra strength, instead of weaving weft selvage cords outside the edges of her rugs. The four strands of black cords on the ends are knotted into tassels at the corners. The warp is mill spun, single ply white wool. The woven density is eight warps per inch and 28 wefts per inch.

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