Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wes Willie Navajo Jewlery: In the Tradition of Charles Loloma

Wes Willie and a few other Navajo silversmiths have embraced the designs of Charles Loloma so well that were it not for hallmarks, It would be difficult to discern the difference. As a result, Wes Willie is renowned for his "Charles Loloma style" and like Loloma, he uses rare turquoise and gemstones from around the world. These fine gems are quickly disappearing and, of course, prices are escalating as the supply dwindles. Yet, there really is no substitute for expensive turquoise and coral when perfection and beauty are such an important part of the equation -- for collectors, perfection and beauty are the goal itself -- and if history is an indicator of future value, these collectors expect the present day cost of acquisition to be surpassed when these pieces are resold, as the remaining supply of these gems is exhausted.

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