Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Darrell Cadman: Silver Ring

Darrell Cadman: The Cadman and Reeves brothers are celebrated for their outstanding silverwork, bringing traditional Navajo styles into the contemporary forefront by way of their excellent craftsmanship and fine detail.  

Darrell creates some of the scarcely-seen forms, such as boxes, a type of Navajo silver artistry which, in recent times, has become more difficult to find, especially executed in such a masterful way.

Darrell was born in 1969.  Silversmithing not only runs in his family, but the highest quality and classic work is found not only in the work Darrell creates, but that of his brothers, Donovan and Andy, as well as his half brothers -- Gary and Daniel "Sunshine" Reeves.  

Each of them learned from Gary and Sunshine’s brother, David Reeves, an artist now deceased, who passed on a tremendous legacy of outstanding Navajo silver and turquoise jewelry artistry.

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