Tuesday, December 31, 2013

wikiHow: How to Deal With Verbal Bullying

Many people say that physical bullying is the worst kind.

That can be bad, but there is also verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is bad because it makes you look weak, while making the bully look tough and dominant. Verbal bullying can result in many outcomes, some good, some bad, depending on how you deal with the bully.

1. Avoid the bully at all costs! Take an alternate route if they are heading your way.

2.  Ignore the bully. It's hard to shrug off the insults, rumors, and remarks, but if you make it look like the name-calling isn't harming you, then the bully loses power and confidence.If the bully still doesn't stop talk to a teacher or a parent, someone you can trust.

3. Know that verbal bullies often have their friends join in the "fun". Make the main bully look weak in front of their friends by ignoring them by pretending that they're not even there.

4. Tell a teacher, trusted adult, or parent if the bullying is consistent. Make sure you ask to be kept anonymous. If you don't the bully will do this to you more and make it worsen!

5. Remain civil, no matter what. Getting aggressive might provoke them to use physical bullying, and you could get in trouble with your parents or school. Moreover, dealing with their insults in a civilized manner could make them seem immature in comparison.

6. Don't Listen to the rumors the bully says about you. Don't bother trying to tell everyone they're not true. Doing this may make you sound like you're trying to cover up something.

7. Walk away if the bully is actually insulting you to your face, as this makes them look weak. Do this if the insult really hurts, so you can walk away and deal with it yourself.

8. Tell someone how you feel; if you don't have a close friend, talk to your school's guidance counselor. If they can't solve the problem, they can at least give you some advice, or help you cope with the pain.

9. If this continues,tell your principal to have a talk with him/her. When you do he or she will call whoever bullied you and confront them.

10. After that and when you see him or her come, why not act nice as a start to them? I know this sounds weird but come on? If your gonna stay like foes forever you may not as well have a happy ending. If you don't want to just say a few kind words like "Hi, how are you? Listen I'm sorry I told on you and, I just wanted to say want to be friends?" If you feel like you can't say those words from face- to face write it in a letter. When he/she reads it she/he will realize how mean they were to you and start acting nice.


•Stay in a group.

•Some people say that bullies bully because they have low self-esteem. This may be true, but it can happen for other reasons. If they are popular, then they probably do it to enhance their self image. Others do it because it happened to them when they were younger. Find out, and try and use this information to your advantage

•Try doing something to relieve stress. Punching a pillow helps. Yoga and other exercise techniques can help blow off steam and reduce stress.

•Keep in mind one word: karma. If you believe in it, karma means that what you do to someone is going to happen to you. Turn the other cheek and think about something positive.

•Find something constructive to do. Something to get your mind off of the bullying always helps.

•People only bully when they are in a group. It is hard to bully a person just on your own so that is why whenever there is bullying going on it is definitely in a group. The bullies need each other to reassure themselves so that they think that it is right.

•Remember that your friends and family are willing to help you if you're dealing with something terrible.

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