Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Phantom, Daniel Herman, and Hermes Press on the BBC

As anyone has followed my offbeat blog knows, I am a certified Phantom phreak. Daniel Herman of Hermes Press asked me to write forwards for the two volumes collecting my friend, the late Pat Boyette's, Charlton Comics issues.

In the meantime, here's a link Troy Musguire, Production Manager of Hermes Press, sent me featuring this Daniel Herman interview about the Ghost Who Walks on the BBC.

Phantom comics reissue keeps early masked hero alive
When Lee Falk created the The Phantom in 1936 its hero was a comic strip trailblazer.

The protagonist was among the first masked characters fighting bad guys with powers of only a mere mortal.

Among the Phantom's early victories were battles with Japanese forces, mirroring the global tumult of the time.

The BBC spoke with Daniel Herman, publisher of Hermes Press which has published its fifth instalment of Phantom reissues.

Mr Herman says that what keeps The Phantom appealing is the comic strip's strong character development.

Produced by Marc Georges and the BBC's David Botti.

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