Friday, January 11, 2013

Donaldganger: The OTHER Don Mangus

I recently won this item on eBay for $12.50 -- "2135 17c Dog Sled Don Mangus hand painted cachet, addressed, one of a kind...."
Here's the strange thing -- the artist is a different Don Mangus. It's not me. Don Mangus himself is not "one of a kind." The other DM does many of these "cachets" and lives in Kentucky. I've seen his sundry art works listed on eBay when I've searched my own name.

Factor in an added synchronicity that he commeorated the Dog Sled Race and had the envelope stamps cancelled in my home town of Anchorage, Alaska, and I had to buy this one. His art signature is even very similar to my own. It's all too, too Twilight Zone...

And guess what -- there's more people out there named Don Mangus -- and many of them are also artists. Suddenly, I don't feel so unique. Who knew? The USA is filled with Donaldgangers.

1 comment:

  1. I would have given you one for free Don ...(talking to myself again) ...but it would have not been this one of a kind .. yes I only made one. (lazy I guess or tired ... maybe Donald Gangerized!
    best regards , Don Mangus ( The older artist one )