Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mark Stokes' Zombie Boy Web-Comic

My pal, cartoonist Mark Stokes, has immortalized me in his Zombie Boy web-comic strip. Mark's character has been around for 20 years now! The poor guy shares a jumbo-cubical with me and has suffered through many of my proto-Aspergian quirks and OCD-fueled analyses.

Mark writes, "Zombie Boy’s science teacher, Doctor Mangus Provocovitch (Doc Provoc) is based on a good friend of mine who really is a comic genius. His antics have inspired more than a few of my strips, so the least I could do is pay him back somehow. When I showed him the first strip that I had put him in, a slightly raised bushy eyebrow was the only reaction I got. But, I saw no signs of resistance either. He could have his own strip honestly, the man is a living, breathing sitcom!"

To see Mark's Zombie Boy comic strips, go to:

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