Friday, May 25, 2012

Blast from the past: Heritage Expands its Comics Expert Staff (2004)

Dave Tosh, Don Mangus and Barry Sandoval join HCA.

"We're very pleased to announce that we've expanded our comics and comic art writing and research staff," said Jim Steele, Heritage Comics Auctions' chief comics cataloger. "Our auctions have proved so successful over the past few years that we're increasing the frequency of our Signature sales to six a year, necessitating the staff expansion. We've been very fortunate in recruiting three extremely talented gentlemen, each of whom brings an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge to the table." All three will report directly to Steele.

David Tosh has been keeping his nose stuck in a comic book for about as long as he has been able to read - maybe even longer. A native Texan with roots in Arkansas, Dave was a regular fixture at the old Dallas Fantasy Fairs of the 1980s and 1990s, where he conducted a series of "Minicomics Workshops," popular events where convention guests and attendees created and published an eight-page mini from scratch, distributing it at the show. His small press publishing career began in 1984, with the publication of a "jam" strip involving a few major Underground artists: Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Denis Kitchen, and Spain Rodriguez (one of his jam pieces is being offered in HCA's upcoming April Signature Sale, being held April 2-3, 2004 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City View here). Since then he has published over one hundred minis, with titles like Hey!, You Bet!, and Mumbo. David and his wife Sonia currently live out in the country about twenty-five miles from Dallas with their dogs, cats, and daughter, Alexandra.

Don Mangus spent his formative grade, middle, and high school years in Anchorage, Alaska, where the long, frigid, winter nights made an indoor hobby a necessity. Don quickly grew to love reading and drawing comic books and strips, and dreamed of one day becoming a professional comic strip artist in the tradition of Roy Crane or Milton Caniff. In 1974, Don moved to Dallas, Texas, to attend Southern Methodist University's Fine Arts program. There, he earned first a BFA, and then a MFA degree, in painting. From 1981-1996, Don taught Design, as an adjunct professor, at Eastfield College, in Mesquite, Texas. Don attended his first comic convention at the Phil Sueling NYC show, in 1974, and became active in Texas comics fandom in the mid-1980s. In 1993, Don became passionate about collecting original comic book art, and has since joined several apas (amateur press associations), such as CFA-apa (Comic and Fantasy Art), apa-I (indexing apa), and kapa-alpha (the first comics apa), and has since written numerous articles for several fan publications. His interests in art collecting are action-adventure, non-super-hero, comic book art, circa 1950-1975, especially EC and DC war art.

Barry Sandoval is an experienced writer and editor who comes to Heritage from the world of book publishing, where his experience included editing an encyclopedia of photographers, a digital photography series, and a German-English dictionary. Barry is familiar with the Dallas area, having graduated from Southern Methodist University in the Class of 1991 with a B.A. in Journalism. He returns to "Big D" after several years in Europe, where he worked for Germany's Droemer Knaur publishing group. Barry is an avid collector not only of comics but also of books, 1970s and 1980s video games, other pop culture memorabilia, and anything football-related.

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