Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Luxfer Prism Glass Tile

The concept behind the Luxfer prismatic glass tiles utilizes refraction and diffusion of natural daylight creating maximum interior lighting efficiency .

Luxfer Prisms were manufactured by the Luxfer Prism Company.  In 1895 Frank Lloyd Wright designed and patented 41 different designs.  These were U.S. Patent #27,977. Filed October 4, 1897.  Serial No. 654.088. Of his 41 designs, only one FLLW pattern was actually produced. This is the unique "flower" design patented in 1897 by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Prism glass tiles were typically used in storefront transoms to light the interior rooms. In the 1890, electric lighting was not well developed, and prism glass tiles were designed to reflect light toward the interior of the storefronts.

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