Sunday, November 5, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright: 606 Barrel Armchair

Frank Lloyd Wright said that that "Every chair must be designed for the building it will be in."

The "Barrel Chair" by Frank Lloyd Wright was designed in 1937 for Herbert Johnson's house, Wingspread. Made of natural wood, with an upholstered leather seat, the chair was a reworking of a design Wright created in 1904.

Wright saw the chair as an architectural challenge. He used tall straight chairs as a screen around tables. The simple shapes of his furniture permitted machine production, making the designs affordable. Indeed, Wright believed that machines could actually enhance the designs.

"The machine has liberated the beauties of nature in wood," Wright told the Arts and Crafts Society in a 1901 lecture. "...With the exception of the Japanese, wood has been misused and mishandled everywhere," Wright said.

This is an icon of the modernist furniture movement. It consists of a wood frame crowned with upholstered cushion covered in high-end imported fabric or leather.

The frame can be selected in a cherry wood with a cherry stain or cherry wood with walnut stain.

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