Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marvin Mangus: The USGS Years

The expedition that traversed the Brooks Range in 1951. From left to right: Bill Brosge, Gordon Herreid, Jack Warne, Dick Olsen, Red Grady, Marvin Mangus, and Bill Patton. The party climbed Brooks Range from north using Weasels (the tracked vehicles in background) and descended southward on the John River by boat. This party was only the fifth government expedition to cross the central Brooks Range. Photo taken on upper John River (Wiseman quadrangle) after completion of the Weasel segment. Photo by George Gryc.

Camping on the Sheenjek River during the late summer, 1952. Left to right, Dick Olson, Marvin Mangus, Bill Brosgé, Tom Dutro. Photo by Hill Reiser.

USGS geologists at Umiat, 1951. From left to right: Bill Patton, Marvin Mangus, Gordon Herreid, and Bill Brosgé. Photo by Hill Reiser.

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