Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Robert Dennis: Marvel Saga #3 Stat Replacement/Restoration

As purchased, with a photocopied title logo stat at the top. Art by Ron Frenz and John Byrne.

With carefully color-matched and re-sized title logo stat and additional caption boxes added.

Marvel Saga #3, February 1986 : "Book III: A Gathering of Dooms"

Wraparound cover by Ron Frenz and John Byrne. The Official History of the Marvel Universe continues as we witness the complete origin and history of Prince Namor and his first strike against the surface world. Plus, the conclusion to Spider-Man's origin, as well as the complete origin of Doctor Doom and his very first battle with the Fantastic Four. And, we meet the mysterious man known as Professor X. Featuring excerpts from Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962) , Fantastic Four #4 and #5 (1961), Fantastic Four Annual #1 and #2, Marvel Mystery Comics  #9 (1939), Sub-Mariner #1 and #8 (1968), Incredible Hulk #2 (1962) , Uncanny X-Men #38 (1963), and Giant Size Invaders #1 (1975).

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